Sean J. Delp, P.E., S.E., LEED AP

Principal / Owner

Sean J. Delp is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a technical emphasis in Structural Engineering. He is a licensed Structural Engineer in the States of Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, California, Washington, Texas and Idaho. He is a licensed Civil Engineer in the States of Oklahoma, Utah, North Dakota, New York, Hawaii, Wyoming, Ohio, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Sean began his career in Structural Engineering in 1997. Since then he has gained a diverse background and understanding of primary structural systems as well as interior elements and exterior enclosure systems. For which, the materials include structural steel, light gauge steel, concrete, masonry, wood, glass and aluminum. The wide range of project types, materials, and sizes has provided a foundation of atypical knowledge for one engineer to have. After first entering the profession Sean was incredibly eager to learn as much and as quickly as possible. The fast-paced construction scene in the Phoenix Metro area proved to be an invaluable resource for developing a wide range of skills for the materials used in construction as well as the creative problem-solving skills for complex designs. Sean’s time in the Pacific Northwest allowed for more knowledge to be gained for higher seismic regions as well as more diverse weather influences on design and construction. Upon arriving to the Las Vegas area Sean was provided a unique place to learn about high rise towers along with sprawling low-rises that are prevalent in the area. Sean strives to provide efficiency in his designs and enjoys working collaboratively with the design professionals on each team, as well as through the construction phase with contractors. He is detail oriented, and this trait has led him to an area of primary focus within the glass and glazing industry where he has developed a well-recognized level of professional knowledge and respect. The glass and glazing aspects have posed an exciting challenge for Sean, while working with the natural movements of buildings and how that building movement flows with the exterior systems when exposed to thermal, wind, seismic, and live loads. This has added an additional depth of understanding of the requirements of primary structures for serviceability, which has permeated throughout the PK Delp team. This full understanding of how the building itself flows with the ancillary parts and pieces provides for designs which are not only focused on life safety, but on serviceability, aesthetics and global efficiency for all projects produced at PK Delp. Within the glass and glazing industry Sean has been involved with over 100 blast resistant glazing projects around the world. These designs have been based on static or dynamic analysis techniques as well as projects that required balanced designs. Sean has worked with storefronts, curtain wall, unitized curtain wall, all glass, spider fitting systems, AESS, structural silicone glazed systems, glass railings, aluminum and steel railing systems, as well as custom developed glazing systems. When Sean finds himself away from work, you will most likely find him enjoying time with his family, being in service through church, at the gym, taking in the scenery while riding his road or mountain bike, enjoying the alluring under-water world of SCUBA diving, or any other adventure that might come along. Sean is also an avid learner and seeks to grow in all facets of life.

Rebecca L. Barker, P.E.

Associate / Owner

Rebecca L. Barker is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. She is a licensed Civil Engineer in Nevada and California.

After graduating Rebecca began her career in Las Vegas 2005, and happily joined the PK Delp team in 2007. She has gained a diverse knowledge base within the practice of structural engineering and project management, including base building structures, tenant improvements and exterior façade and glazing.

A successful and notable project local to Las Vegas includes the expansion of a Caesar’s Palace ancillary building to accommodate the new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant footprint. More generally, throughout the Las Vegas and surrounding valley, she has worked on multiple build-out projects for Zappos in their downtown main campus, high end residential in Red Rock Ranch, Southern Highlands, and Ascaya, both new construction and remodels, as well as mid-rise steel buildings and low-rise concrete tilt-up buildings, with many other projects outside of Las Vegas as well. She has also worked on many projects within the glass and glazing area of design, including storefront, curtainwall, all glass, spider fitting systems, structural silicone glazed systems, glass railings, aluminum and steel railing systems.

With her understanding of how all aspects of a building connect to each other and move relative to one another, a better overall product is provided in each phase and with each aspect, whether it be design of the base building, or the parts and pieces within and on the building that make it a beautiful and serviceable space to live, work, shop and enjoy.

In her free time, Rebecca can be found immersed in the world of yoga, scaling a mountain, off traveling to a faraway land, or enjoying the underwater sea life. She enjoys finding balance in both the excitement and the quiet, in both her professional and personal life.

Erik W. Reinhardt, P.E., S.E.

Senior Associate

Erik W. Reinhardt is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. He is a licensed Structural Engineer in Nevada and a licensed Civil Engineer in Maryland.

Erik has more than 15 years of experience in building design, analysis and construction. His experience includes working on multi-material styles of construction from mega casinos, parking garages, and office buildings, to remodels and tenant improvements. Notable projects he has been the Engineer of Record for in the Las Vegas area include the East Las Vegas Clark County Library, Dignity Health Galleria Pavilion, and the Our Lady of La Vang Multi-purpose Building, along with numerous high-end Tenant Improvements located in Bellagio and the Crystals at CityCenter. He was also heavily involved with projects such as the Red Rock Station Casino/Resort Low Rise and Central Plant, Nevada Cancer Institute Research Building and Parking Garage, and the lateral design of the Embassy Suites Hotel in West Valley City, Utah.

His experience has taught him how to excel in a fast-paced environment and how to successfully handle the many different aspects of being a structural engineer; from analysis and design, to working closely with clients and contractors to produce the best solution for the project and the team.

Erik enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, and SCUBA diving… and of course, just relaxing.